Where ants appear

Where ants appear

The seasons in which ants appear are mainly spring and summer. They are located in several places inside and outside the house. If you notice a few ants in your house you may have to worry. These ants are looking for food for their entire nest.

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Where ants appear

If the conditions are right and there is enough food, then many ants will come into the house to carry food to their nest. They eat mainly sweet foods but also live and dead insects, meat, cereals and beaten fruits. The ants, through food change (trophallaxis), share their food with the reproductive members of the colony. Location of nests - often in the countryside on dirt and under paved slabs on the sunny side of buildings. To understand if there is an ant nest somewhere, it is enough to see if the soil around their exits is pulverized, since mountains often form. Colonies can consist of a few dozen to 300,000 people. They infect and contaminate food in kitchens and food processing areas.

Precautionary measures

Insulate the access points to the Ant located:

  • in the door frame, on the skirting boards and between the tiles and the floorboards.
  • Do not leave exposed food and leftovers on counters, tables, cupboards and floors.
  • Regular and diligent cleaning of garbage bins at home.
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