Home disinfestations are our specialty!

Home disinfestations are our specialty!

Our trained professionals will do everything for you. They provide you with a wide variety of home disinfectants designed to rid your space of ants, cockroaches, rodents or other harmful pests, all while protecting the environment.

The multifaceted experience of our executives regarding the biology of insects and rodents as well as the detailed and complete control that takes place in your home, give the solution even in the most difficult cases.

The preparations we use are very environmentally friendly while in cases of chemical use, our concern is to treat your family just like ours.

Disinfestations for:

Ants make their appearance mainly in Spring and Summer. They can be found in many places inside and outside the house. If you notice a few ants in your house you may have to worry. These ants are looking for food for their entire nest. If the conditions and food adequacy are what they want, then a large number of ants will enter the house to carry food to their nest.

Homes that have pets are more likely to have flea problems. If you notice strange behavior of the pet or itching is intense, then you should act immediately. At the same time it is very possible to see and feel small bites on the body without knowing where they come from since fleas are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Bedbugs are usually found in areas of the house where we spend a lot of time such as our living room and bed. They are not easy to understand because they hide well in crevices, in the seams of the living room and the mattress and in other inaccessible places. However, we understand their presence from the strong marks they cause on the body with their sting.

Rats are now found everywhere in an urban environment. The abundant waste and rubbish in the cities is food for the rats and this enables them to multiply rapidly. Rodents damage the areas where they operate and are also a source of health risk.

Mice are found almost everywhere and many homes have these unwanted "pets". The large amount of waste and rubbish in the cities is food for the mice and this allows them to multiply rapidly. Mice damage the areas where they operate and are a source of health hazard.

The fish, although they frighten us with their presence, should not be of particular concern to us as they do not pose a risk to our health. They are not carriers of harmful microorganisms but they can certainly worry us if they are found in the house

There is no house that does not have mites. Mites are tiny organisms and belong to the arachnid family. They are usually found in the same places as bed bugs. Sofas, rugs and mattresses are the objects with the most mites. They are generally not harmful to our health but their feces can cause allergies when the body comes in frequent contact with surfaces that host mites. Mites have also been shown to worsen the condition of people suffering from asthma.

When a house is surrounded by wasps it is definitely a difficult situation. Somewhere nearby is a small or large wasp nest that can become very aggressive when they sense danger.

The worm can make its appearance in any house that has wooden surfaces or furniture. We can easily locate the outbreaks of worms because we will distinguish holes in the wood or dust from the wood that comes from the activity of insects.

Spiders are insects that do not prefer busy and noisy places. They are usually found in dark and quiet areas of the house. However, in many cases they appear in parts of the house with intense activity of people and especially in high and corner areas.

Moths are divided into two major categories depending on their diet. So there are food moths that grow and feed on a food source and moths that infest and feed on fabrics. And in some cases the damage they can cause to your property can be great.

The presence of birds can turn into a real nightmare for a home. Especially in an urban environment the biggest problem is the activities of pigeons in places we do not want to visit. Pigeons also cause bad conditions with their impurities while they are carriers of pathogenic microorganisms and hosts of other insects such as lice and fleas.Our company has the experience and knowledge to suggest the best solution for your case.

Observing a snake around your house will surely cause you a very unpleasant surprise. Our company using the best products on the market can shield your property.

In many cases of pest control applications it is not enough to kill the parasites to feel safe. Feces left behind or even dead rodents or insects can endanger our health. Our company has the knowledge and experience of such cases and can offer a high level of cleaning and disinfection services.

Our company provides services aimed at integrated pest control. For this reason we give great importance to services that aim to prevent the entry of pests in an area.

Our technicians undertake the Disinfection of your home through which the fight against pathogenic microorganisms is achieved. It is especially recommended in cases of the presence of a positive person Covid19 in your area or another contagious disease.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Use of food attracting gel to fight the cockroach
  • Rodenticides and rodent exclusion
  • Outdoor spraying for flying and crawling insects Use bait to fight ants
  • Elimination of bed bugs when their presence is found mainly in the mattresses of the beds

Housing prevention tips

  • Reduce clutter
  • Keep windows and doors well insulated
  • Make sure the attic is adequately ventilated

  • Ensuring proper drainage of water
  • Pruning shrubs or tree branches near the terrace
  • Keep gutters clean

  • Seal cracks in the walls
  • Reduce clutter
  • Try to eliminate any stagnant water

  • Install suitable stops on garage doors or any other holes
  • Use shelves to organize your things
  • Do not leave rubbish in the Garage