Technical Disinfestations

Low Pressure Spray: It is a spray of insecticides, mainly aimed at controlling reptiles, which is applied to surfaces where insects walk or nest. It concerns insects such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, myriads (black worms) etc. It is usually done with 5 or 8 liter pressure sprinklers.

High Pressure Spraying: It concerns areas with a large area, or outdoor areas where a large volume of spray solution is required (livestock units, gardens, reception estates, etc.). It is made with gasoline-powered sprayers and large-capacity tanks.

Cloud spraying: It is done in specific cases, when access to the places where the insects are is very difficult. It requires a special machine that details the drop very much, sending it to all surfaces, causing the air of the room to be saturated with the insecticide and leaving the feeling of fog.

Gel: A method used mainly to control the German cockroach (germanica blatella), or ants. The gel is a food-attracting bait that causes death gradually in the entire population of insects that are in the area. It is completely harmless tohumans and animals and therefore you do not need to be removed from the disinfestation area.