Pests in business premises

Our company provides professional pest control programs for all professional sectors. Our goal is to maintain the excellent image of your business to its customers while eliminating health risks.

Whether it is a large food industry or a small store, we provide high quality services after an on-site inspection of the facilities and according to the requirements and needs of the company.

Our professional programs are flexible and can be from individual applications to solve a problem immediately to annual contracts that include regular preventive applications in business premises

Types of pests that can be detected in various business premises


Especially for food production or distribution companies it would be better to have a pest control contract for the following reasons:

  • In order to be in accordance with the requirements of E.F.ET. and other health services that provide for regular pest control applications and a record of visits.
  • To offer an excellent environment to customers and their staff free from health risks.
  • To offer high quality products free of parasites.
  • To prevent damage that may result from the activities of parasites and especially rodents.

The most important services we offer in professional spaces:

The inspection will be followed by proposals related to precautionary measures. These proposals have to do with better sealing of the space, with the exclusion of some points or with cleaning works in specific machines and spaces.

Our technicians will install electric insect traps depending on the area of ​​the business. All our insect traps are made of high quality materials and are suitable for food areas.

Our technicians will install bait stations with rodenticides outside and mechanical rodent traps inside the company. All traps used are safety and very solid construction.

Our technicians will spray outside and around the company to prevent crawling insects. They will also check for traps of crawling insects inside the business, record the findings and take additional action if required.

For cases of birds outside or often inside the company, our company has a full range of bird repellent products that may include pins, nets and intimidating gels.

Our technicians will change the baits at the bait stations and record the consumption. In addition they will check the mechanical traps for catching any rodents.

Our company offers you a quarterly analysis of the presence of rodents, flying & reptiles based on the consumption of the special preparations at the bait stations or the traps we placed in your area.

Our company undertakes the disinfection of your business premises (kindergartens, catering, means of transport, etc.) Through it, the elimination of the viral load of contagious diseases such as Covid19, parasites, harmful bacteria that can be caused by the invasion of non-domestic animals and also any pathogenic microorganism.