How to remove walking insects from the house

We associate spring with three things: with flowers, walks and also with… walking insects that over-proliferate in the spring months and that we try in every way to neutralize. When, in fact, they set up their home, inside our own home, it is impossible not to take action.

But how;

Self-adhesive screens:

One of the most economical and easy ways to prevent flying users from entering your site. There are self-adhesive velcro screens that are ideal for windows, such as magnetic ones for balcony doors, so you can easily get in and out without opening and closing them.

Plugs for pipes:

Our beloved cockroaches have a weakness for pipes, which is why they tend to get in and out of them. There is only one solution: plugs that “plug” over the pipe holes and prevent them from entering the house.

White vinegar for “shield”:

Spray with white vinegar the frames of the balcony door that you usually leave open to ventilate the house, as well as the windows. Its smell is believed to repel cockroaches and mosquitoes and prevent their invasion.

Find the house and balcony for stagnant water:

Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes like a magnet, so make sure to remove the water after watering the balcony and check often if a hose is leaking. By the same token, you should be careful with trash and recycling. In the former, the liquids that we expel from our waste can “call” mosquitoes to them, while in recycling even a few drops of liquid that have run out in the empty bottles, are to do harm.

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Lemon on the balcony (no tea!) for ants:

Spray lemon juice where you have spotted ants – be it the balcony or the kitchen – the juice, moreover, is a natural product and will not threaten your health.

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