Mosquito protection measures

The period of the day when the mosquito becomes more active and bites the person is from dusk to dawn, for this reason and during this time we must be more careful to observe personal protection measures.

Protection measures

They serve two purposes:

  • Reducing mosquito-human contact
  • The reduction of the population of – possibly – infected mosquitoes

These measures have three different directions: the community, the home and each person separately.

Protection measures in the community

  • Cleaning of ducts so that the removal of water is not obstructed.
  • Cleaning vegetation in surface waters
  • No reckless use of water, especially when there is no proper drainage of it as it is a factor in creating stagnant water.

Protection measures at home

  • Grids (sieves) in ventilation ducts of cesspools
  • Screens on doors and windows
  • Cleaning filter in the pool and regular recycling of the water to remove mosquito eggs and nymphs and avoid the formation of a water stage respectively.
  • Removal of stagnant water and sewage
  • Regular mowing of bushes and grass
  • Use of air conditioner/fans
  • Use of insecticides (aerosol sprays, tablets, snakes) [2]
  • Personal protection measures
  • Loose and long clothes with long sleeves
  • Insect repellents in all exposed areas & sometimes also in clothes
  • Mosquito nets
  • Frequent baths to remove sweat

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