What is Organic House Cleaning? Solve all your questions!

What is Organic House Cleaning? Solve all your questions!

It is a fact that when a garment gets dirty, you just put it in the washing machine and it is thoroughly cleaned. But what about fabric surfaces that cannot be machine washed? Your couch or bed mattress is a hotbed of germs and requires special treatment to clean. What they really need is a biological cleanup. But do you know what biological cleaning of a house is? If you think that these surfaces only clean with a simple dusting, then your opinion is completely wrong. The frequent use of this furniture implies the creation of a hotbed of many germs, as well as pathogenic micro-organisms. This is the main reason why you should proceed with a biological cleaning.

3 questions & answers about biological cleaning!

What is biological cleaning?

Biological cleaning cannot be done by you, but is applied by a special cleaning crew. If you are wondering what biological cleaning is, then we will tell you that it is the most effective solution for eliminating odors, removing any stains, but also complete disinfection. Biological cleaning removes all germs, dirt, dust, mites and their remains, as well as pet hair. The answer to "what is biological cleaning?" it also includes the procedure followed. This mainly concerns ecological biodegradable cleaners and the application of anti-stain liquid to the places that are very dirty. Also, a special broom is used that deeply removes dust and other trash or organisms, as well as steam cleaners that emit dry steam for the final cleaning of the surface.

Where simply biological cleaning?

After we explained what biological cleaning is, it's time to answer you in which parts of the house. As we already mentioned, it mainly concerns surfaces that are not easy to put in the washing machine. Also, home organic cleaning can be applied to carpets and rugs of all kinds, even handmade ones, mattresses and pillows of a bed, sofas, armchairs or chairs. However, the cost of a biological cleaning depends on how big a surface is. For this reason a sofa, for example, will cost you more than a chair. It is a fact, however, that if you have time to thoroughly clean these surfaces, then you will be surprised when you see the vibrancy of their color, since it looks like new! Also, we will suggest you not to use the specific furniture for about 6 hours or less if it is small surfaces. The area must be well ventilated and eliminate the slightest amount of moisture created during cleaning.

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Which ones does it offer?

Applying a home organic cleaning has some advantages. The analysis of which will convince you why you should choose biological cleaning.
  • Home cleaning
The positive thing about home organic cleaning is that you don't have to move the furniture to a special place, as is done for example with cleaning clothes where you have to take the clothes there. In our case, however, you don't need to bother with moving, as the cleaning crew comes to your place. After all, moving, for example, a mattress full of mites to another room, is not wise for everyone's health.
  • Thorough cleaning
With the help of organic cleaning, your furniture will be as shiny as new. Even if difficult stains have formed on your sofa or mattress, they will be removed very easily with the special accessories. At the same time, the mites and different micro-organisms that lived in your mattress will disappear forever and they can now sleep.
  • Longer lifespan of furniture
The longer you leave your furniture dirty, with dust, pathogenic microorganisms and bugs, the more useless it will be. You might have to throw them straight into the trash at some point. Nevertheless, if you take care of the cleanliness of your furniture, it makes sense for it to have great durability and longevity. We will suggest you apply biological cleaning at least once a year.
  • Prevention in health matters
One of the most important advantages of biological cleaning is the protection of human health. As you may already know, dust, micro-organisms and the remains of mites cause diseases. More specifically, they are responsible for allergies, dermatitis, asthma and respiratory problems. These, however, can be prevented if you thoroughly clean the surfaces of your home. Read hundreds of articles that will answer any question about #cleansecta by clicking here.

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