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Removing stains from carpets

It’s a familiar story, you’ve just laid your new carpet and a sudden accident ruins it, leaving a stain that’s hard to get rid of… But we’ll show you how to remove it!

  • Use a white towel: Patterned or dyed towels can transfer their color by rubbing against your carpet, making the situation worse.
  • Choose the right carpet cleaner: There is a huge variety of carpet cleaners on the market. They are usually spray bottles that make stain removal easier. But not everything works for every type of carpet. You should always read this before you buy to be sure you make the right choice and you won’t ruin your luck on your carpet. Test your cleaner on a small area only Following the instructions on the label, test your spray on another spot. This way you will be 100% sure that your carpet will not wear out with its application.
  • Dab the damaged area: Pour a small amount of cleaner onto a white towel and gently dab it onto the stain. The least amount of cleaner is best because if soap is left on the carpet it will collect dirt and create a new stain.
  • Wash the carpet: With a clean white cloth and water, wash away any cleaner left on the spot. Then dry it with a hair dryer or fan to prevent mold.

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