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How important is a thorough office cleaning?

The cleanliness of the office or workplace is as necessary as that of the home, perhaps even more so, if you consider the hours we spend there and the role that cleanliness plays in our relationships with the public, visitors, partners and customers.

Everyone prefers to work in a clean environment, visit a clean environment.

Due to the nature of the office as a shared space, germs are easy to spread from objects or through human contact. Thus, the well-known cleaning routines that we apply at home are not enough to keep our space looking clean.

The “top-down” approach. A complete and deep office cleaning should follow the “top to bottom” tactic. That is, it needs to start from the high points (even with the use of a ladder) and end with cleaning the floor. For example, we start by dusting, sweeping and cleaning items such as fans, piping, vents, panels, etc.

In the next step, we clean points that we all come into contact with and horizontal surfaces such as tables and desks. Here we recommend using a mild antiseptic/disinfectant liquid.

Cleaning surfaces needs a methodical approach. Site staff members must clear all items from desks and shelves so we can get to all points. Don’t forget the cleaning of windows and shutters.

Also, disinfection of objects such as telephones, keyboards, etc. is more than necessary. Toilets are the next area that needs deep cleaning from top to bottom. The cooperation of the workplace staff and the information of the visitors (e.g. with signs) is a very important factor in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the toilet.

Many offices have kitchens and areas where employees eat or prepare their food (eg microwave ovens, toasters, coffee makers, etc.). For this reason, the presence and use of antiseptic in these areas and on all permitted objects is necessary here as well.

After we have finished all the cleaning work in the high and middle places, we can continue with the floor. Carpets or rugs, if present, are cleaned using known professional cleaning methods such as using steam, etc.

The floor is vacuumed and then disinfected by mopping using a special disinfectant.

How often should a deep office cleaning be done?

The answer to this question is simple. As often as our space is needed! If there is a large number of staff or visitors the frequency should be greater. These are some criteria for deep cleaning frequency.

Traffic: How many people work on site? How many people visit him every day? The more, the more necessary a deep cleaning.

Type of business: A deep cleaning is considered more necessary in a large bank or a doctor’s office where everyday women spend time than in a small office.

Season: Winter is the season of viruses so then we need a deep cleaning.

Also, times when the weather is rainy with the result that we have mud in the area are good for an additional cleaning. In any case, one application per month is appropriate.

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