Moisture worms. And yet is there a solution?

Moisture worms. And yet is there a solution?

In autumn-winter, when there are increased air conditions in the air and on the ground or after rainfall, they find favorable conditions for the black worms of the period to reproduce and come to the surface, or millipedes. The myriads are very sensitive to dehydration, so during the warm months they hide deep in the ground and rise to the surface during the wet months. At the same time they feed on rotten plant material (branches, leaves) which is abundant in autumn and winter and which is very important to remove regularly from the garden. Myriads are one of the most important pests of this era as most insects are dormant or looking for shelter to manage

Many owners of detached houses and ground floor apartments as well as apartment buildings face problems with myriads as due to the large populations that develop a part leaves the soil and vegetation and moves close to the houses. So many individuals see their walls and floors blackened by the multitude of worms, and even enter the interior of their homes, creating a disgusting and harmful spectacle as they stain the surfaces that settle.

Removing stains from carpets

In order to treat the worms, insecticides of long residual duration must be made on the outer inner surfaces of the building that are not absorbed by the porous materials with which they are made. It is also important that the area is not kept clean of dead plant matter that is the food of black worms and attracts them to the area.

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