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Hood cleaning: How to get rid of grease from the filter

Hood cleaning: How to get rid of grease from the filter

Cleaning the hood is one of the most difficult and boring cleaning procedures in the kitchen. But there is a very easy and quick cleaning method that you will find below: First it is very important to clear the user's filter. The work of the machine does not remove odors from the kitchen, while at the same time it collects all the fats in its filter. Fats can significantly hinder the user's proper functioning, significantly reducing their performance.

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What you should do:
  • First, turn off the general power switch and remove the protective grid. You can then remove the user's filter. If the filter is carbon or fiberglass, be sure to replace every 4 and 2 months respectively, depending on your usage of course.
  • But if your absorber filter is metal, fill a large pot with water and just before it boils, pour ½ cup of water. Baking soda slowly because the soda will cause the water to leave abruptly.
  • Then, with the pot still on the burning eye, dip half the filter into the water and leave it there for a while until you see the fats dissolve. Then filter the user on the other side and repeat the same process.
  • Allow the filter to dry thoroughly before reinstalling.
Note: Since the filter will burn, hold it with an oven mitt or a towel. Read hundreds of articles that will answer any question about #cleansecta by clicking here.

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