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Can microfiber spread dirt?

Can microfiber spread dirt?

Can microfiber cloths spread dirt? A strange question perhaps, if you consider that microfiber cloths are cleaning cloths and their purpose is to clean surfaces and not make them more dirty. However, it is true. Microfiber cloths cannot spread dirt. Microfiber fabric becomes contaminated when the fabric is folded. In 2009 international research showed that cross-contamination occurred due to folding of microfiber cloth. However, only surgical cloths were examined at the time, with only one type of microfiber cloth, and this is not representative of the surfaces to be cleaned in professional cleaning. The technology committee of research links cleaning test situations that are more like the practical situation. Are microorganisms spread during the application of the folding method? Does this type of microfiber cloth play a role? The study was carried out in a laboratory, on three different surfaces (plastic, metal, porcelain), with three different types of microfiber cloths. The study included three phases: Application of microorganisms to the first surface, cleaning of the first soiled surface and 15 consecutive sterile surfaces with the double microfiber cloth and microbiological examination.

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What were the results?
  1. A significant reduction in microorganisms was noted with cleaning with fresh microfiber cloths, but at the same time, microorganisms spread from the brominated surface to the clean surfaces due to folding.
  2. When cleaning a dirty surface with the knitted microfiber cloth, more microorganisms remained than when cleaning with non-woven cloths. However, when we used the folded non-woven fabric with a regular weave, more microorganisms spread than with the knitted fabric.
  3. The type of surface appears to affect the spread of microorganisms. More microorganisms were found on porcelain than on plastic and metal surfaces.
  4. The same microfiber cloth was the main source of transmission. It is plausible that microorganisms move through the different layers in the folded fabric. Contamination through the hand seemed to have less of an impact. You can consider these to be financial results. After all, you understandably don't want to spread germs and dirt while you're doing a job, but in independent research that's not a desirable outcome.
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