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How to get rid of fleas in your home

How to get rid of fleas in your home

One of the biggest challenges in disinfestation is flea control. This is a very small insect that does not fly but jumps and hides well. There are several species and they have food preferences, ie your pet may have fleas on it and feed on blood only from it. In other cases, fleas can only bother one or more of the people living in the same house. If you have spotted a flea or you have symptoms of their bites then you need to fight it all over the house.

How do they leave with the disinfestation?

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In case one wants to use insecticides one should know that in order to make the disinfestation the animals and small children should be removed and then the spray is done on the floor, on the walls at a height of about half a meter but also in the places where frequented by pets. Using the appropriate insecticides we can also spray the carpets, however great attention must be paid to cracks, corners, under furniture, mattresses, beds, sofas, wardrobes. The main places where insecticides are needed to make the sprays are the shadows and the liquids, but also the places where the animal was sitting, the places where there is a lot of wood, etc. It is also important that the outdoor area is in good condition, ie the grass is cut, the clean leaves of the trees are collected and organic waste is removed. Read hundreds of articles that will answer any question about #cleansecta by clicking here.

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