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Clean the house from your pet hair very easily

Clean the house from your pet hair very easily

Taking proper care of them and cleaning the house thoroughly can help combat the appearance of hair everywhere and the effects of dust.

Take good care of your pet

Dogs with healthy skin shed their epidermal cells every 22 days. A dog with unhealthy skin may shed as often as every 6 days, increasing the amount of hair that falls to the floor. Consequently, most experts recommend bathing your pet approximately every month, preferably with organic hypoallergenic shampoos. As for cats, because they are afraid of water, it can usually involve special wipes to remove weak fur. It is also a good idea to brush your pet's coat often to remove hair and dead cells. If now, your pet is picking more than usual, you should check its diet, it significantly affects the health of the skin and coat.

Tips for easy hair removal

Now that you've properly described your pets, so you've made sure that as little hair as possible collects in your home, the next step is to learn how to easily clean your floor, furniture and clothes of hair and lint.

10 golden rules in house cleaning

  • First step, get a powerful vacuum cleaner. Although they are on the market for pet litters, another vacuum with a lot of volume and alternative parts to reach that has the effect you are looking for.
  • After mopping to collect the most, fill a bucket with room temperature water, up to the waist. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, place your hands in the bucket and run them over the desired surface. The hairs that will stick to the gloves and you can dip your hands in the water again as many times as necessary, until they are all removed.
  • For your clothes, another solution is to use a special roller with glue that pulls all the lint, while for halal you can use a glass tuff which is very effective.
Finally, it will help to buy a comfortable bed for your dog or cat that will make you not constantly looking for your sofa to lie down. Of course, you should wash often so that a lot of hair does not collect there. Read hundreds of articles that will answer any question about #cleansecta by clicking here.

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