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10 golden rules in house cleaning

What are your rules for organizing the house and keeping it clean? How do you manage your household?

If cleanliness means for you endless hours of fatigue and compulsive work, it is probably because you did not apply the ten commandments of cleanliness. Make your life easy, without getting caught up in the logic that women do everything. Women have the ability NOT to do everything. Prefer “good enough” to “perfect”, because “perfect” simply does not exist. These are my golden rules in organizing and cleaning the house. Yours;

Clean it immediately

Food stains on the kitchen counter, dirt stains on the floor or carpet, and stains from carelessness in the store or clothes are a daily story in your life. If you let these stains sit, they will dry out and become more time and effort to deal with. Clean the stains as soon as possible, before they become annoying and persistent.

Clean from top to bottom

When doing general cleaning, always start from the top. Clean ceiling lights, surprise the ceiling, dust the highest shelves, picture frames on the walls. Moving down the lower shelves of the compound or bookcase, he continued with the furniture and finally swept the floor. This way you are sure that all the dust and dirt that will be removed from above will not fall and stain something that is already cleaning.

Start with what the mother-in-law sees

As we are realistic. Most women today do not have the luxury of time for the house to always be as sparkling as we would like. So set your priorities. Always clean the main areas of your apartment first, that is, the areas that a sudden visitor sees. So after refreshing the living room, continue to give shine to the kitchen and bathroom. Bedrooms and other spaces can wait.

Buy and use only what you need

Don’t fill your cupboards with cleaning products that you may not actually use. You don’t need to have a different cleaner for every surface in your home. Take advantage of the cleaning properties of lemon, use baking soda and white vinegar for an environmentally friendly cleaning. Remember the 10 cleaning tools of a good housewife and make sure you always have them with you.

You read the labels with the instructions for use

Safety is the beginning of everything. Always read the cleaning product information labels before using it. In general, the following applies: do not leave the product on for longer than indicated on the label. Do not pour the cleaner directly, but use a cloth or sponge to avoid damage. Rinse with plenty of water until the last residue is gone. Do not mix cleaners because fumes will occur. Wear gloves and try not to inhale the detergents from too close.

  Throw away the unnecessary every now and then

Make a worthy and courageous clean-up. Throw away, recycle, donate. Free up space and let the house breathe. Clothes, magazines, DVDs from Sunday papers, broken electrical appliances, old photos and so much other junk make up a picture of chaos. Everything that is no longer useful to you, everything that is in bad condition and generally everything that you are indifferent to, there is no reason to keep it. Feng shui says so too.

Everything in place

First find a place for everything and then make sure they all lead back to their place if they were used. Make use of shelves, drawers and even the spaces under the beds. Use boxes, baskets and storage cases. Hidden spaces exist in all houses, regardless of square footage, and they all find their place nicely and nicely. With fewer items scattered around you save time making everyday cleaning seem like a breeze.

Stop dirt from entering the door

Place a good waterproof mat at the entrance to the front door where everyone can give their shoes a good clean before going indoors. You’re just going to clean this mat every once in a while. There is a trick I gave for freshening carpets that you can apply to the entryway rug as well.

Clean the house from your pet hair very easily

Don’t procrastinate

Lack of time, fatigue and boredom syndrome often lead you to postpone household chores? If it’s to clean, don’t think about it for days. Dirt builds up and gets harder. Do it now. In fact, if you do even a few chores every day, you will not be faced with a scene of disorganization. Such a scene is sure to be discouraging, as a harder effort will then be made to put the whole house back in order.

Get organized by making lists

The organization and cleanliness of the house could not include lists. It’s not about how much you try, it’s about how you do it. For this reason I have made for me, for you, for everyone this list of household chores, which will help us to reclaim our homes. To regain control and not get lost. Print the list and apply from today. We said no procrastination. 

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