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18 Things You Can Clean With Your Dehumidifier (Besides Clothes)

18 Things You Can Clean With Your Dehumidifier (Besides Clothes)

If you've never used glitter or other crafting materials, you probably know how difficult it can be to remove them from surfaces. The vacuum cleaner turns out to be insufficient, so you have to resort to other ideas. For example in the dehumidifier and the truth is that there are many other things you can clean with it. Below you will find a very interesting list! 1. Cleaning a kids room or craft room: As mentioned above, glitter is one of the hardest things to clean in any room! It sticks everywhere and doesn't come off easily! So grab the duster and watch the glitter, confetti, etc. disappear! 2. Clean the bulbs: This is another clever way to use a cleaning roller! The caps on the lamps are not machine washable, and hand washing can prove time-consuming. So forget all that and use a deodorizer. You'll be surprised how much dust it collects. 3. Clean your bag: The bottom of the bag gets filled with either tiny pieces of paper or sometimes food scraps. With the cleaning roller, this rubbish is a thing of the past! Don't forget to use it in your baby bag, briefcase, backpack or gym bag. 4. Clean the drawers: Drawers have tough spots that can be neglected. But the skimmer will collect everything from all points. 5. Quickly clean your carpet or furniture: If you don't have time for thorough cleaning, you can use the roller. Since it doesn't fit under your sofa and chairs, you need to move your heavy furniture around. Simply roll the roller and remove the dust. 6. Clean the interior of your car: Every car has its hard-to-reach places where a vacuum cleaner can help effectively. 7. Remove broken glass: When a glass is broken it is almost impossible to carefully clean all the tiny glass pieces. You can carefully use a rolling pin for this and discard the remaining pieces. 8. Remove dandruff from clothes: Deodorizers are a great way for dandruff sufferers to remove stains from their clothes. 9. Rub off peeling skin from sunburn: We know it sounds a little gross, but it won't hurt your skin, just the dead skin that's ready to peel off. 10. Remove pests from your pet: It is a good way to quickly get rid of fleas and ticks in your residence on the cleaning roll. It will also pick up any loose hair that might end up on your furniture and clothes.

Practical tips for cleaning glass and windows.

11. Christmas tree: Use the lint remover to remove fallen needles from your Christmas tree. 12. Remove the hairs after the haircut: Many times after the hairdresser, small hairs remain on our clothes or on our skin that can become annoying, so with the depilator you remove them with a very simple pass. 13. Curtains: A quick fix for dusty curtains that will let you put off their trip to the dry cleaners for a few more months. 14. Keep insects away: Ridding your home of insects and spiders is easier and safer with a dust extractor. Just run it over them and throw away the insects stuck to the paper. 15. Textured Ceiling Cleaning: If you have a textured ceiling, you know that you can attract a lot of dirt and dust. Use a cleaning roller with an extension and remove dirt and dust. 16. Prep the paint roller: To reduce lint from the paint roller and create a smoother finish run a de-linter over your brushes before each use. 17. Cleaning stuffed animals: Clean tiny particles from a stuffed animal's fur. It safely collects lint and dust, which you simply throw into the waste container. 18. Clothes: Remove lint from your clothes. Now that you know all the amazing things that dehumidifiers can do and especially because they are so affordable you could have one at home, one in your car and one in your office. Read hundreds of articles that will answer any question about #cleansecta by clicking here.

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