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Practical tips for cleaning glass and windows.

Window & Glass Cleaning Washing windows and glass is a very important task that we should not neglect. No matter how many other tasks we do, no matter how tired we are for all the rest, if we do not clean the windows properly, it will be as if we have nothing!

First of all, what do we need to have?

  • proper cleaning tools
  • proper cleaning detergents
  • time (not necessarily a lot, not a minimum, since it is very likely that we will neglect things that will have an effect on the final result)

The first two, we must keep in a specific area, in our warehouse, for example, in a specific location and collected, so that we don’t waste time collecting them.

Tools and Materials we will have

  • A soft brush
  • White vinegar (or mild dishwashing liquid)
  • Big sponges
  • Window cleaning rubbers with extensions.
  • Clean cloths (white, not with colors or prints)
  • Rubber gloves
  • A durable and stable ladder (if we need to climb)
  • All-purpose cleaner (for the floor, for any debris that will fall on it despite all our attention)

Once we have all of these materials, we will be ready to clean our windows. It is good to choose to start at a time when the sun is not directly hitting our windows. The heat of the sun dries out our wet cleaning very quickly and in addition this will create stains. We’ll start by lightly brushing the exterior windows and frames, preferably with a soft brush. With it we will remove cobwebs, dust and solid impurities. We will also deal with the hinges and the sills (if any).

  • Then we will make our detergent: We will mix 1 part white vinegar and 1 part hot water (up to 45 degrees).
  • At the bottom of the window, we will place along a towel or an old cloth so as not to stain the floor or the carpet.
  • Using a fresh sponge, we will pass the window with the vinegar and water solution. If there is stuck dirt, we will rub with another cloth first. We will not cross the borders with this!
  • We always start at the top. from the rubber area. our movement can be vertical or horizontal.
  • After we pass the entire surface with the collapse, we will repeat with the other one. This way we won’t leave any gaps or marks on the glass. After each pass, we will wipe the tire with a lint-free cloth.
  • The frames that we didn’t touch before, we will wipe them with a cloth with a cleaner suitable for the material of the frame (wood, aluminum, painted aluminum, etc.) That’s it! Our windows will be sparkling clean! Invisible!

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