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Why should we clean awnings regularly?

Why should we clean awnings regularly?

Awning cleaning is a neglected task, but one that can save us a lot of money! The awning material is a complex combination of synthetic fibers designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions as much as possible. However, its long-term exposure not only to the intense summer heat and winter ice, but also to car exhaust, fireplace ash, microscopic dust, pollen and the dirt of birds and insects, it is certain that sooner or later it will quickly bring problems. The problem with a dirty awning is not simply aesthetic. That's the least of the problems! If the dirt stays on the awning for a long time, then its corrosion begins. Each subsequent layer that comes and sticks on top just makes the problem worse.

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However, changing the awnings in a home or business is a very expensive affair. To avoid having to replace them, they should be kept in good condition. Even if an awning looks clean, it is not. Microscopic dust particles, exhaust toxins and pollen that land on the awning over the years are sifted into the awning material every time the wind gently vibrates its structure, causing the dust and pollutants to become incorporated into its material, fabric her. her. Over the years, the dust and dirt now firmly embedded in the material are baked by the intense summer heat, held moisture by the rain, swelled by the frost, resulting in a mixture of dirt, inner and outer fabrics that must be removed. using special techniques. Otherwise, the replacement (and therefore the costs...) is closer than ever.... Read hundreds of articles that will answer any question about #cleansecta by clicking here.

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