What preparation is needed before disinfesting cockroaches

There are several methods of dealing with cockroach disinfestation. To be able to get rid of cockroaches you should do professional disinfestation, so that you find a solution that will have an effect for a long time.

Cockroach Extermination FAQs

  • How long should I stay out of the house after exterminating cockroaches?

After deworming you usually need to stay out of your home for about 2-4 hours. However, this may vary by application and may require more downtime. Our workshop will give you clear instructions depending on each case.

  • Is cockroach fumigation dangerous for my pet?

As soon as spraying has been carried out, very good ventilation of the sprayed countries will immediately take place. Pets are prohibited from being in areas where spray disinfestation has been installed until the sprayed surfaces have dried. Usually after 2-4 hours after good ventilation.

Removing stains from carpets

  • Is there any preparation needed before cockroach extermination?

If disinfestation is to be done by spraying, it is good that there is not a lot of furniture, that carpets are removed, that there are no scattered objects on the surfaces or on the shelves. In cases where cabinets will be sprayed and there is food, they must be removed or closed very well in airtight packages. The area should generally be thoroughly cleaned for optimal results.

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