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The easy trick to freshen up your carpets in no time

This tip can make any space look and smell as clean as fresh laundry.

If you live in a small urban apartment, then you have probably been forced to learn the art of compact living.

From deco tips to make your home look bigger to the effective practice of decluttering.

However, this also means that the cooking and living areas are often not separated from each other or are located very close together.

The proximity between these zones allows all the kitchen smells to enter your soft furnishings and even your living room carpet.

And this is where our favorite cleaning tip comes to the rescue.

The use of scented laundry pearls goes far beyond washing clothes. In fact, you can combine them with baking soda to create a quick solution to freshen up your carpet just before visitors arrive.

You may already know that a carpet is easily cleaned with baking soda, or at least freshened up.

But surely you have never thought of using a combination with laundry pearls, to really enhance the effect and give a fresh smell.

How does it work; Start by using your vacuum cleaner to pick up any dirt and debris from the carpet before sprinkling the pearls onto the surface.

One cap is usually enough, but it depends on the size of the area and the desired strength of the fragrance.

Then add a fairly generous layer of baking soda over the pearls and let the mixture sit for about an hour.

After this time, vacuum again.

According to Maria Ivanova, the founder of Master Maid, this period of time is essential as it allows the mixture to “penetrate the fibers of the carpet, working its magic as it does so”.

After mopping, you’re left with a spotlessly clean carpet that exudes the scent of fresh laundry, something your guests will rarely miss.

While, even after a night of cooking, you will still be able to get the aroma the next morning and for the whole week.

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