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Practical Tips for cleaning the toilet in businesses.

Those who work in private shops know first hand how tiring and intimidating it can be to clean bathrooms especially during busy times.

The bathroom and toilet space plays a very large role in the overall impression it leaves on whoever uses it, so its cleanliness deserves and should be at the top of business priorities.

No business wanted to risk either its reputation or the health of its customers within its space.

Let’s look at some ways to keep toilets always sparkling!

Your own cleaning box. Have a box with the necessary tools that you always need to add a toilet cleaning and bathroom cleaning. This, I will not say anywhere else!!!

It is the first, the most basic of all the rules!!

Buckets, mops, brooms, brushes, cleaning cloths, everything should be for exclusive use there and even better, stored in a separate area.

So is the efficiency of cleaning and its organization as well as safety and hygiene. Textile materials (such as body and hand towels also need to be managed separately).

Create a program and stick to it. Unless there is a need, implementing a program for cleaning the bathroom and toilet on specific days by specific people and with a specific methodology makes this task much more manageable, easy and ultimately economical.

Deep cleaning. There is the daily cleaning (or even more…) But they also need deep cleaning which must be done at least every month. If, many more can be done, always in relation to the number of visitors.

Be careful with cleaners. Always use laws and approved chemicals for mopping, dusting and sanitizing to avoid health problems for both staff and guests, but also to prevent wear and tear on bathroom items such as sinks and faucets. It is not rare that expensive tiles, sanitary ware and furniture are damaged by dangerous and inappropriate cleaners.

Double and triple checking. During the cleaning, check that everything is done as it should be and that it meets the health and safety requirements.

Check items that are used by the public, such as soaps, toilet paper and towels to make sure there are sufficient supplies. They should never be missing!

Deficiencies in these items have in the public’s impression as much as if the space was gross.

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