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What should you finally throw out of your house?

In an ideal world, the home is the sacred place where you can escape the chaos and disorder of the outside world.

But in reality, it is often burdened by noisy decor and objects that no longer have a use or sentimental value.

This creates a heavy, unhappy atmosphere – but it is a situation that does not change. We have gathered the 8 items that we need to get rid of immediately:

Children’s souvenirs. Keep specific items from your childhood, but you don’t have to save every little doll. You’ll always have the memories, even if you empty out your cupboards a bit.

Ex’s stuff. It goes without saying that you need to hide in the warehouse or even better throw away everything that reminds you of past relationships. You will not only make space in your home, but also in your life!

Old magazines. You won’t be looking at fashion trends for five years, nor will the issues you have become collectibles. That is why there is no reason to keep old magazines except to recycle them soon.

Decorations you loathe. But we all have them. Whether they were brought to you as a gift, or you inherited them from an ancestor, it does not mean that they match your aesthetic, nor are you obliged to keep them.

Hobbies you gave up. Each of us has turned to various activities during our life but they did not stand the test of time. Throw away the half-finished temperas and make room for a new interest.

Cobwebbed books. Books present a beautiful picture, but it is not necessary to fill the shelves with all the junk you have read. Keep the books you have “left over” and donate the rest to a library.

Gadgets you don’t use. Your first cell phone, old chargers, video tapes without a player and unknown cables. Clear out quickly, unless you plan to build a small tech museum.

Clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore. It’s normal to hold on to clothes and shoes with the possibility of going back in fashion or breaking up again. But if many years have passed, it’s better to give them somewhere they need and free up your closet.

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