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How should you clean wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture has a special charm and adds elegance to a room.

Although they are so durable that they will not need repairs for many years, their shine can be lost over time.

Wood is a natural, living material that needs frequent care.

It is very easy to maintain luxury wooden furniture and over time its care will become a habit.

But first you need to know the dos and don’ts to prevent discoloration.

How to clean wooden furniture

Dust should be cleaned regularly, but this does not mean daily. In any case, it’s a good idea to make sure you dust on a weekly basis, at least once or twice.

You can use a clean, soft, dry duster, but that will only get the dust off the furniture into the air.

A duster with lanolin or wet with warm water and detergent are much more effective.

For sides painted with oil paint, a sponge dipped in water with vinegar can be used.

A cotton cloth or a duster will help you get rid of the traces of water.

It is common practice to clean the dust using furniture cleaners, but those containing silicone will penetrate the varnish layer and get to the wood, causing it to take on new varnish.

How to protect wooden furniture

Keep in mind that every time you place something on top of wooden furniture, whether it’s a mug of hot coffee or a lamp, it can cause wear and tear. Use tablecloths, towels or coasters for the glasses and place felt under the lamp or vase.

Changes in room humidity can affect the wood, causing it to contract or expand, or even crack.

For this reason it is a good idea to invest in a dehumidifier/humidifier, to keep the humidity in the house between 30% and 50%, thus protecting the wooden furniture.

Keep the furniture away from sunlight, heat sources and cold air.

UV radiation creates changes in the chemical composition of wood, causing it to discolor or crack

So, as much as you want to create a relaxation area on the balcony or terrace, where you can read on a wooden swing, it is better to place in other areas of the house.

Don’t forget to install a roller blind to protect furniture placed in front of windows.

How to repair scratches

Accidents are inevitable and furniture is no exception. Scratches can be superficial or deep, but there are solutions for all of them. A wear on a natural resin finish can be made invisible with a little thinning, while for synthetic varnishes it is enough to go over the area with a little sandpaper and then polish them with a little furniture wax.

If the scratch is deeper, the solution is simpler: rub the area with a piece of walnut and wipe with a soft cloth. In any case, this solution only works for light colored furniture. Before trying to apply to dark areas, you will do coffee beans or black tea.

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How to remove traces from glasses

No matter how careful you are, either you, a family member or a guest will at some point touch a glass right on the wooden table. It sounds like a tragedy, but know that it will not be addressed to furniture restorers. There are some effective solutions that can be used to remove unsightly glass marks from wooden furniture.

Place a towel over the stain and try ironing them with the iron on the lowest setting (no steam, in any case).

Scrub the stain with a little toothpaste, then wipe the table with a damp cloth.

Cover the stain with a mixture of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and water (one part water to two parts baking soda) and rub lightly using a soft cloth.

Wooden furniture is the perfect investment for your home, but you need to take proper care of it to enjoy its elegant beauty for a long time.

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