Fighting ants at home

Dealing with ants is not an easy task, it has been observed that once their lives are threatened they can move their colonies very quickly! Do not be surprised if you think you have found a nest in another part of the house!
For this reason at www.cleansecta.gr we made sure to gather the most suitable products for the extermination of ants at home!

Buy now an effective ant trap from the following:

• Trap for PUBEX ants, only € 6.30

• Maxforce Quantum ant trap

Choose ready-made traps for ants as they are easy to apply and safe for children!

Control of ants with powder formulations:

• Insecticide DOBOL Omicron

• Pyrethrinoid insecticide Sospin 1 DP.

Ideal for windowsills, entrances and outdoors!

Gel for ants

• LF-ANT | The most effective medicine for ants

• Bayer Maxforce Quantum

The duration of the gels reaches up to 6 months! solution for interiors!

Order now through www.cleansecta.gr and fight ants in your home with efficiency and ease! For more information and telephone orders contact 2310760923–6934887750, working days and hours!

TIP: For a complete treatment of insects in homes and businesses, we suggest the disinfestation package we have created for you!

Contact the specialized team of agronomists of www.cleansecta.gr to learn about the dosage and application of insecticides!

Did you know that ….

During research, scientists discovered in the jungle of Borneo (Malaysia) a species of ants Colobopsis Explodens, which act as a suicide kamikaze, that is, as soon as they feel any threat they explode and release a yellow substance that will keep the enemy away. The ant itself dies sacrificing its life to protect the other members of the colony!

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