Bedbugs at home, how did they get to my place?

Bedbugs at home, how did they get to my place?

Bedbugs are transported from an infected area to a clean one mainly through luggage, bags, shoes and clothes.

The places where bedbugs have outbreaks and from where we transport them to our house are:

Rooms hotels, camps, hospital rooms, public transport (ships, yachts, planes, trains, buses, even subways, electric, buses), camps (soldiers), schools, locker rooms for sports, gyms and workplaces. They can also be transported to our home by buying used furniture, or picking up furniture, crates, paintings that someone had previously thrown away (possibly due to bed bugs) from the street or rubbish.

They are often transported by a guest who carries bed bugs in his clothes or luggage without knowing it after transporting them from a hotel room or the means of transportation he used. Otherwise you can visit a house that has bed bugs as a result of which we return by transporting bed bugs to our house.

Finally, when an apartment building has a severe bed bug problem for a long time then the bed bugs themselves can move and infect other apartments in the apartment building.

We also need to clarify some of the misconceptions that prevail and are often reported to us. Bedbugs are not transported to our home from the outside environment of our home, ie parks, benches, soil, garden, plants, as well as from animals, pets and not, dogs, cats, birds, mice, etc. Also, their presence is not related to the hygienic conditions of the area or an area. They can be found in the cleanest house and in the best area of the city.

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