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7 easy ways to say goodbye to humidity

If you suffer every winter with humidity at home, we have solutions for you to eliminate it once and for all. fair in the area.

It is not limited only to the home but also to its problems, since it favors asthma attacks, arthritis and headaches.

How will you deal with the humidity? Use a heating device. Did you know that your air conditioner has a dehumidification function? DRY and leave it for a few hours, depending on the extent of the problem. If you don’t have an air conditioner, use a portable heater. room temperature and, consequently, the humidity level.

He aired the house daily. The atmosphere mainly appears in sunless and closed rooms. It warms the house every day, the atmosphere does not accumulate in the space and the air is recycled. the bathroom window because that is where most water vapor is produced.

Raise the temperature of the house.  Try to keep the room temperature at 21 degrees.

Decorate the space with plants. Even a few small pots help to combat some of the liquid drainage. Be careful not to water them too much. Get a dehumidifier Buying a dehumidifier can remove moisture from the air of the house. You will be surprised by the amount of water it holds after the liquefaction of water vapor, especially in areas such as the bathroom.

Don’t hang clothes around the house. One wash in the washing machine emits two liters of water into the house when it spreads the freshly washed clothes inside. Try to stretch out to reduce the moisture of his underwear your home.

Do not put the firewood in the house. burning wood for the fireplace inside the house. Freshly cut wood contains enough amount of water which burdens the humidity level.

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