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Autumn general cleaning is more important for health than you think

We all know about spring cleaning, but are you familiar with fall cleaning?

Experts say it’s for a winter full of health! With the drop in temperature outside and the need for heating inside, in many parts of the house the conditions are favorable for the creation of mold and the growth of new bacteria, germs and mites. But with simple daily actions, we can make winter a little safer, without viruses, headaches and suffering.

So here are some ways for effective autumn cleaning.

Ventilation: The main problem in homes in winter that leads to the establishment and spread of germs is the lack of ventilation and the humidity of the air (due to eg drying clothes, cooking). The solution to this problem is simply to open the windows as much as possible! Refreshing the atmosphere of the home freshens the air one breathes, thereby reducing the chance of coming into contact with particles that are coughed up when someone is sick.

Intensive scrubbing of surfaces: To prevent the spread of germs with the hands, all surfaces and objects that are daily cleaned with antibacterial liquid. For doorknobs that everyone for example at home, usually show an increased amount of germs that spread by simple contact.

Sweeping, dusting, fabrics: Carpets, sofas, pillows and mattresses are yet another haven for dust mites and bacteria. Cleaning them frequently is necessary considering all the food residue, dead cells and sweat that accumulate over time due to their use.

Bed and mattress cleaning: Surely you have some habit that takes place in bed or on the couch that you shouldn’t but do, such as drinking your tea or eating. If not, this does not mean that your mattress is that much cleaner! All people shed dead cells every night, and many even sweat while they sleep. Like covers and pillows, your mattress can harbor mite colonies! We suggest that we wipe your mattress on a weekly basis, in order to reduce the residue and thus reduce the risk of dust mites. An upholstery brush can also be used, (but not too hard so as not to injure the outer lining) and wash the mattress cover every month.

Oh, and don’t forget to let it air out between changes!

Simple movements that do not require much time but really have a great effect on our health!

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