Chlorine in household cleaning: How to use them correctly

Say goodbye to dirt and make every corner of the house clean and spotless with the power of bleach. See how to use them correctly and what you should watch out for. When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing at home, nothing beats bleach. This is a truly versatile multi-purpose product that can be used for the kitchen, laundry or even the floors of the home. Below you will see in more detail where and how bleach can be used.

House cleaning & disinfection with bleach. Environments such as kitchens and bathrooms need constant attention, as surfaces daily and need attention and frequent cleaning.

Bleach, with its great antibacterial, antifungal and disinfecting power, is everything to making these environments safe.

The use of bleach is also useful to remove all unpleasant odors from your bathroom.

Washing clothes with bleach. Due to the property of bleach to remove stains, it is ideal for disinfecting white clothes, which will come out of the washing machine very clean and white.

In addition, for colored clothes, on the other hand, more attention should be paid. It is preferable to use processed bleach and not classic bleach to avoid damaging your colored clothes.

Cleaning surfaces with bleach. It is important to mention that a product as strong as bleach is also very useful for cleaning surfaces, especially ceramic surfaces. Bleach is an ideal product for cleaning tiled floors and walls. In particular, on these surfaces, bleach offers good cleaning of stubborn stains.

The correct use of bleach. Bleach is an extremely aggressive and strong product, and for this reason it should not be used straight, but it is preferable to dilute it in water. If you want to use them to clean the floors, you’ll have to put some in the mop bucket and dilute them – if you want to get rid of your bathroom surfaces or kitchen counters and cabinets. You can also add some to your laundry.

One last tip. Bleach is an extremely versatile and essential household cleaning product, yet it is also a dangerous product. Contact with the skin may be very unpleasant or harmful to the eyes or mouth, so it is good to always handle it with protective gloves. If, in fact, there are children at home, the bleach bottles should be kept in a safe place to avoid any unpleasant accidents.

Aside from bleach, if you want another household cleaning option, you might consider adding vinegar to your daily routine.

Bleach can make your home sparkle in no time, however, it’s important to use it with care and safety.

By reading the above you now have better knowledge about the correct use of bleach in house cleaning. So put it into practice already from your next general and you won’t lose!

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